How does a down jacket make Putin a loyal fan? 26th June 2018

Today, Canada Goose Parker overcoat is seen everywhere in Milan, Paris, Dallas and Seoul. The uniforms of the former expedition team have been successfully removed from the bloated pioneer image of the drum and become a necessary single of the fashion Icon. In particular, since the third generation of Dani Reiss took over in 1997, […]

Canada Goose was limited to purchase in Toronto 26th June 2018

Canada goose has been developing rapidly in recent years. Before it was cold, people thought of autumn trousers, and now Canada geese have become consumers’ most vulnerable cold equipment. The heat was fed back to the company’s share price in the beginning of 2018, which once soared from $26 to $33, more than twice as […]

The future development of Canada Goose in China 26th June 2018

This winter, Canada Goose from Canada and the Moncler down clothes from France pop in China suddenly, “3 minutes to buy a shop, Chinese tourists scramble for Canadian geese”, and even was once robbed of the goods. Qiu Yafu said that in fact, compared with the Canadian geese and Moncler and other imported products, the […]

Canada Goose plans to expand production capacity 26th June 2018

Canada Goose, a luxury down garment manufacturer, announced plans to expand its production to stimulate profit growth. Danny Reis, President of the company, revealed that there is a plan to increase the proportion of self coats from 1/3 to more than 50% in the next few years. Dani Reiss “It’s a good time to expand […]

Canada Goose CEO has set China as the next target market 26th June 2018

The Canadian Light luxury outdoor brand Canada Goose has a history of more than 60 years, but it is still very young as a popular brand known to global consumers in recent years. After selling products through wholesalers for a long time, Canada Goose began to focus on direct selling strategy. Canada Goose needs to […]

Canada Goose has become more and more well-known in China 26th June 2018

Canadian geese are already famous, and have gathered a group of loyal consumers. In the past winter, walking on the streets of Shanghai, you will find that the Canadian geese have a high exposure, and a Canadian geese can be seen on average a few minutes on the street in the center of the city. […]

Canada Goose is finally coming to China 26th June 2018

Canada Company issued a announcement, officially announcing the establishment of Greater China headquarters in Shanghai, and cooperation with ImagineX Group, a well-known brand agent in the Greater China, opening a flagship store for the brand in Beijing and Hongkong this fall, and launching Chinese market electricity through the Tmall Tmall platform under the Alibaba Group […]

Canada Goose opens more and more new store in America. 26th June 2018

The three stores are a Short Hills in New Jersey, America, one in Montreal, the largest city in Canada, and the other in Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada. The three stores will open before the start of the shopping season in late 2018. Canada Goose revenue was 591 million Canadian dollars in the […]

Hello world! 26th June 2018

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