Canada Goose is finally coming to China

maggiechen - 26th June 2018 - canada goose jackets ireland /

Canada Company issued a announcement, officially announcing the establishment of Greater China headquarters in Shanghai, and cooperation with ImagineX Group, a well-known brand agent in the Greater China, opening a flagship store for the brand in Beijing and Hongkong this fall, and launching Chinese market electricity through the Tmall Tmall platform under the Alibaba Group Alibaba group. Sub business business.

The management of the canadian goose retail store will be fully responsible for the brand management company of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group Lian carve group, which will also be responsible for recruiting regional market spokesmen for the Canadian geese.

News stimulation Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GOOS) (TSX: GOOS) Canadian geese stock price Thursday opened up nearly 3%, investors scramble to raise, the increase is further expanded to more than 6%.

Dani Reiss, the chief executive of the Canadian geese, said the group will look for opportunities in the world’s largest luxury market, because there is an extraordinary demand for luxury goods both in China and in the international tourism market.

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