How does a down jacket make Putin a loyal fan?

maggiechen - 26th June 2018 - cheap canada goose ireland /

Today, Canada Goose Parker overcoat is seen everywhere in Milan, Paris, Dallas and Seoul. The uniforms of the former expedition team have been successfully removed from the bloated pioneer image of the drum and become a necessary single of the fashion Icon. In particular, since the third generation of Dani Reiss took over in 1997, the Canada Goose overseas market expanded gradually, the sales volume increased by 4000% over the past decade, and the annual income was 300 million dollars, and the products were sold in more than 50 countries and regions.

Recently, Canada Goose launched its first global publicity film to expand more overseas market share. In this 4 – minute advertising film directed by Canadian director Paul Hargis, five explorers have to go through a series of challenges, such as the polar bears, the plane crash, the ice hole, and so on in the harsh polar environment. Of course, they all wore thick Canada Goose coats. The short film, called “Out there,” is a real life story, such as the first Canadian Laurie Skreslet on Mount Everest, the 4 champion of the dog sled champion, the first Karl Bushby on a hiking world trip, the retired flight officer of the Canadian Arctic flight, Paddy Doyle, and the rescue helicopter nurse. MarilynHofman, who died in Canada’s Arctic and died.

Canada Goose, a 58 year old outdoor brand, has been famous for its high quality, high price and simple design of winter clothes, and even many adventurers see a “Canadian geese” as a personal identity! Russian presidential Putin and other political celebrities are their core fans. Such a traditional luxury brand, how to embark on the road of overseas expansion? How did it turn into a fashion trend through frequent interaction with fashion?

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