The future development of Canada Goose in China

maggiechen - 26th June 2018 - canada goose outlet ireland /

This winter, Canada Goose from Canada and the Moncler down clothes from France pop in China suddenly, “3 minutes to buy a shop, Chinese tourists scramble for Canadian geese”, and even was once robbed of the goods. Qiu Yafu said that in fact, compared with the Canadian geese and Moncler and other imported products, the price of some domestic down jacket brands is much cheaper and the quality is not bad.

However, some analysts also say that the disadvantages of domestic brands are obvious, such as always being disliked by “soil”. Canada goose and other brands will transform the functional down jacket into a fashionable consumer goods, which is the way to appreciate the brand.

What is noteworthy is that among the top 100 luxury goods companies in the world, Ruyi holding group has ranked sixteenth, and has launched a continuous acquisition of foreign brands.

Most familiar to the industry, Ruyi holding group in 2016 to 1 billion 300 million euro holdings of French fashion Maje parent SMCP, last year, 2 billion 220 million Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar holdings of the only high-end men’s group Trinity Ltd. profit state Holdings Limited, earlier in 2010, Ruyi Holding Group invested 4 billion yen to become Japan’s Garment Group Renown Inc. No. A large shareholder.

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